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PressPlay: Interactive Device Design

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Weekly lectures in 550-200 Mon & Wed 3:15-5:05PM

2-hour weekly labs in Packard 130 Wed 7-9PM, Thu 7-9PM & Fri 2-4PM


Room36 Hours


Week of  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Aug 10

AM: 9-12 

PM: 1-5

AM: 9-12
PM: 1-5
AM: 9-12
PM: 1-5 
AM: 9-12
PM: 1-5 
AM: 9-12
PM: 1-5 
AM: 9-12
PM: 12-1 


Lab Webcam


Teaching Team

David Sirkin sirkin@stanford.edu OH in 550 Atrium — Mon & Wed 2-3PM

Praveen Chirumamilla praveen2@stanford.edu OH in Packard 130 — Mon & Tue 12PM - 1:30PM; Tue , Wed & Fri 7-9PM

Tian Zhao tianzhao@stanford.edu OH in Packard 130  —Tue1~3PM, Fri 10~12AM, 2~4PM, Wed & Thu 7~9PM

Samyuktha Challa schalla@stanford.edu OH in Packard 130 — Mon  9-11 AM & Tue 9-11 AM

Dongao Yang dongao@stanford.edu OH in Packard 130 — Wed & Thu 9-11:30 AM 

Zahra Koochak zahraa@stanford.edu

Xiangyu Yue xyyue@stanford.edu





This course provides an introduction to the human-centered and technical workings behind interactive devices ranging from cell phones and video controllers to household appliances and smart cars. This is a hands-on, lab-based course; there will be no midterm or final.  Course topics include electronics prototyping, interface prototyping, sensors and actuators, microcontroller development, physical prototyping and user testing. For the final project, students will build a working MP3 player prototype of their own design, using embedded microcontrollers, digital audio decoders and component sensors and other electronic hardware.


Class Text

Scherz, Paul. Practical Electronics for Inventors, 3rd ed. 2013








(Homework) Assignments


Final Project

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